The Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District Adds Interested Parties to the Fort Stockton Holding’s Application Deliberation

(Fort Stockton, TX- April 20) The Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District
took the first step in the Fort Stockton Holding’s water application process today by
adding interested parties to the deliberation.
“We are glad to see so many people want to be part of this process,” said Paul
Latham, an executive with the company. “We look forward to working with all
interested parties during this process. We are confident that once we have dispelled
the rumors and misinformation around our application, our permit will be approved.”
Fort Stockton Holdings, LP currently holds historic and existing use permits from
the Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District, which allows them to produce
water from their acreage for agricultural use.
Fort Stockton Holdings, LP submitted an application to the Middle Pecos
Groundwater Conservation District asking to use the same amount of water, but to
transfer it to municipalities and industries where there is a great need for water.
Latham stressed the company is not seeking to drill any new wells, or withdraw
more water than is already permitted for agricultural uses.
Over the last 20 years, four extensive studies have been conducted by
reputable, objective hydrogeologists who r analyzed historic records of the
groundwater use from the aquifer. All of the studies proved there is an abundance
of water in the Edwards-Trinity aquifer.
The potential economic benefit of the project has also been documented. It
is projected that Pecos County could gain an estimated $51 million in economic
output, add 460 jobs, $18 million in earnings and $47 million in Gross Regional
“The Williams’ family is a lifelong supporter of and contributor to Pecos
County, and we are excited about the benefits this project will bring to the region,”
said Latham.

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