Mayor and Williams Resolve Conflict

Fort Stockton, TX— Fort Stockton Holdings and Clayton Williams dismissed their
suit against Mayor Ruben Falcon of Fort Stockton after the Mayor issued a
clarification and retraction of prior statements that were the subject of the lawsuit.
“In hindsight I can see how some of my statements of citizen’s concerns could have
been misinterpreted as statements of fact,” said Falcon. “I also recognize that there
was an inaccuracy in the City staff’s description of the groundwater permit
application by Mr. Williams’ company.”
Clayton Williams, Jr. also issued a statement in which he accepted the mayor’s
apology and announced his dismissal of the lawsuit.
“I filed the lawsuit to clear up what I saw as an unfair cloud over my reputation,” said
Williams. “A reputation for honesty is important to me.”
Mayor Falcon agrees that honesty is important.
“I understand that a reputation for honesty is important, and I certainly did not intend
to attack or harm Mr. Williams’ reputation.”
Mayor Falcon and Williams both announced improved communications concerning
Williams’ company’s pending groundwater permit application. Williams has made a
commitment to copy all Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District filings to
the city and to communicate frequently with the city and West Texas residents about
his permit application.
“One thing I have learned from this lawsuit is that there is a lot of misinformation
floating around in the community about my company’s proposed water project,” said
Williams. “As we move forward, my company and I will work to get the facts out to
West Texas, so my project can be better evaluated.”

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