Fort Stockton Holdings Agrees to Postpone Hearing Dates

(Fort Stockton, TX- June 7) The City of Fort Stockton filed a motion requesting the Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District postpone the dates of Fort Stockton Holdings’ permit hearing because the city is concerned that the hydrology study it commissioned will not be completed by the hearing date.

“After learning of the city’s concerns, Fort Stockton Holdings has decided to support the city’s request for the postponement of the hearing until January,” said Paul Latham, an executive of company. “We care about the city and hope to work with them as we continue the permit process.”

Latham said he respects that the city wants to complete and analyze its own study, but he is confident in the results of the studies conducted by the Thornhill Group.

“The study and common sense tells us that if we are only changing the use, not the amount permitted, that the city’s water supply will not be impacted any differently than in the past,” said Latham. “We are proud supporters of Fort Stockton and we understand that their water needs come first.”

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